May 17, 2024

Discover the heartwarming bond between Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson as they uplift and encourage one another on their journeys.

The Long-Standing Friendship Between Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are two of the biggest names to emerge in pop music over the past decade. While their careers and public personas have taken different paths in recent years, one thing that has remained constant is their close friendship that goes back to their early days of fame as teen idols. Though not well-documented publicly, the rapport they share provides a glimpse into how two young stars navigated fame and found support in each other through shared experiences.

Mutual Respect

One of the foundations of Bieber and Simpson’s friendship is the mutual respect they have for one another. Simpson in particular has spoken about how much Bieber’s guidance and mentorship meant to him when he was first breaking out onto the music scene in his early teens. In a 2014 interview with Daily Mail Australia, Simpson called Bieber a “good friend” and said “He’s been through it all and he’s helped me out a lot with advice on how to handle everything and what to expect.”

The admiration seems to go both ways as well. When Simpson released his debut album in 2014, Bieber showed his support by tweeting that he was “proud” of his friend. Public displays of praise and backing like this indicate the high regard they have for each other’s talents and successes. Their bond appears to be rooted in a genuine caring about each other’s wellbeing and careers beyond just a superficial association between two pop stars. The mentorship role Bieber played for the younger Simpson also speaks volumes about using his own experiences to help guide another.

Playful Banter on Social Media

Fans are given small glimpses into the playful nature of Bieber and Simpson’s friendship through their social media interactions over the years. The two frequently leave funny or complimentary comments on each other’s Instagram posts, engaging in lighthearted ribbing that friends often do. One exchange in 2012 saw Bieber comment “swag” on a shirtless photo Simpson posted, to which Simpson replied “thanks brah.”

In 2014, Bieber posted a shirtless bathroom selfie with the caption “I miss you,” which Simpson responded to by writing “miss u 2 babe come to aus.” Exchanges like this show an easygoing side to their rapport behind closed doors. They clearly feel comfortable joking and teasing one another in a brotherly way. Their back-and-forths demonstrate the type of fun, playful banter one would expect between close friends who spent their formative years in the spotlight together.

Shared Experiences as Teen Idols

Perhaps the biggest reason Bieber and Simpson connect so strongly is because they truly understand what the other has been through. Both rose to fame and had the pressures of global stardom thrust upon them from a very young age. Bieber released his debut album at just 15 years old in 2009, becoming a worldwide superstar almost overnight. Simpson followed a similar trajectory, releasing his self-titled debut album in 2010 at only 13.

Navigating fame, fortune and the trappings of the entertainment industry as teenagers is an experience like no other. Very few people outside of the two could truly empathize with the unique challenges they faced. From dealing with insane levels of fame and public scrutiny at such a formative time, to balancing burgeoning careers with normal teenage experiences, Bieber and Simpson faced shared struggles. This likely bonded them in a way others couldn’t relate to.

They’ve both spoken about the difficulties of growing up in the spotlight. Bieber reflected in a 2020 interview that “I started really young so I didn’t have control of my life. When I was 18 or 19, I started making my own decisions and doing what I wanted to do.” Simpson has echoed similar sentiments about the challenges of fame as a child. Having each other to lean on during their meteoric rises must have provided invaluable friendship and support. As fellow former teen idols, they understand each other in a way few others can.

Private But Positive Friendship

While not much is publicly documented about the private aspects of Bieber and Simpson’s friendship over the years, the glimpses that are shown suggest a supportive and uplifting bond between the two. Their social media interactions demonstrate playful banter and mutual praise, indicating an easygoing rapport. Simpson has spoken about Bieber’s guidance helping him navigate challenges, showing the mentorship and caring within their friendship.

Most importantly, they truly understand each other’s experiences through sharing the unique pressure of worldwide fame from a very young age. This likely connected them on a deep level that few other friends in the industry could match. Rather than a friendship fueled by superficial Hollywood associations, Bieber and Simpson appear to share a meaningful bond built on empathy, advice-giving, and lighthearted companionship through their many ups and downs in the spotlight.

Though their careers and public personas have evolved in different directions in recent times, one thing that remains is the clearly positive friendship between Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. While not heavily documented, it provides a heartwarming look into how two young stars found support, guidance and understanding in each other through navigating the entertainment industry from a formative age. Their bond is a testament to the value of having someone who truly gets what you’ve been through on your side.


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